What to Consider When Looking for Online Examination Invigilation Services

21 May

It is a common thing for students to take exams from time to time. The reason why exams are given is to gauge the students' grasping of the course content. Many are the times when exams have been administered in test centers with the use of pens and papers. This is actually the traditional method of administering exams. This method does have its own limitations, and sometimes administering exams in such test centers become nearly or utterly impossible. For example, it can be extremely hard to administer a test during a pandemic period. Therefore, as it becomes impossible to admit exams the normal way during such pandemics, a lot of institutions opt to adopt the tested and proven alternative of online invigilation. This, therefore, means that online exams are being administered remotely. Check out online invigilation in lockdown.

It is not new for people doing exams online to think of cheating. As a person administering exams online, you need to think about this and look for ways through which you will stop this.  Online invigilation services come in handy during such times.  An online does not have to be near the person taking the exam for him or her to do his or her work.  However, there has to be a connection between the computer of the invigilator and that of the person taking the exam. With this, he or she will be able to monitor all the activities done by the person taking the exam during the examination time.

When choosing the type of online invigilation to go for, choose an option from the two options that are available. An examiner can decide to employ the one option whereby the exam content during the entire time is recorded and later reviewed by the invigilator. In case the person taking the exam does something inappropriate, an action is taken by the examining body later on. However, if you are administering a sensitive exam, don't go for this option. Therefore, when invigilating an online exam, you can for the more reliable real-time invigilation where supervision occurs during the exam. When you decide to go for online invigilation services, you need to go for the best by putting into consideration a number of factors. Learn more here, about online exam invigilation.

For you to choose the best online invigilation services, consider the stakes involved. High stakes should make you go for sophisticated online invigilation services. Moderately high stakes should make you go for standard online invigilation services.

The type of online exam being done should be considered when looking for online invigilation services.  The fact that the invigilation services offered are for the specific exam type should make you go for them.  You will choose the best online invigilation services if you put the things discussed above into consideration. For more info, click here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer-aided_assessment.

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